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Ellen Wood • Maruška

About the Art

My artworks are representational as well as abstract. My unique style is imbedding images in the five basic shapes of Sacred Geometry: spiral, straight line, square, circle and triangle.

For some unknown reason, my muse insists I put a heart in each of my paintings. In Sacred Geometry Everywoman, there are four.

If you’d like a FREE mp3 of track 3 of my Affirmations CD to listen to and then repeat, just send a request to ellen@howtogrowyounger.com.

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Yes, I reversed early symptoms of Alzheimer’s (I have the gene!) with my program of daily practices that I began in 2004 and share with you in two award-winning volumes of “The Secret Method for Growing Younger.”


Ellen Wood
Columnist, award-winning author and painter

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Seeking scenes with visually appealing elements, I am drawn toward textures and the range of available tones that enhance naturally occurring shapes and patterns.
Portraying contemporary life in a style of 1,000 years ago
I look for ways to push the materials, to bend the scene to my wishes, and to try to convey the feelings that led me to make that particular picture.